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Our extensive database of subcontractors and suppliers means we usually have just the person for the job, no matter what the job is, tender, design & build, negotiated. Simply upload your documents to our portal, and we will quickly notify all the relevant subcontractors in our database about the opportunity. Interested and available subcontractors can review the documents and submit their price directly to you. We keep you informed throughout the process with a daily activity report, so you know exactly where your project is at.

And it won’t cost you a dollar, our service is free of charge for main contractors.


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The Process

How it works

Access subcontractors on our extensive database

Manage your jobs via our Workdesk platform

Receive your own unique document link for each job and then send it to your subcontractors

Receive daily activity reports so you know who has viewed the documents

Receive a weekly report summarising current and awarded jobs

Easy access to all documents and reports on the Workdesk

Option to bypass our website and create your own document link with full tracking

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